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The gift of good health and self-confidence, thanks to well-adjusted, attractive dentures, is one of the nicest you can give yourself! The members of the RajeuniDent denturology clinic will work with you to create custom dentures that will provide stability and comfort. This takes five steps:

1. First, impressions need to be taken.

Using sterilized generic impression trays, your denturist will make a first mould of your mouth that he or she will use to make you a custom impression tray.

2. Final set of impressions.

During your second appointment, your denturist will take a second (final) set of impressions. These anatomic and functional impressions will give us the exact shape of your gums, as well as the muscles and attachments in your mouth. Your dentures will be based on these impressions.

3. Measures and choice of teeth.

During the third appointment, we will measure the articulation angle using an instrument called the facebow, as well as the height of your mouth and future teeth. Using wax, we will create optimal support for the lips, then select the teeth together.

All of the measurements will be transferred to a device that will help us create the perfect custom dentures.

4. Aesthetic and functional tests.

During the fourth appointment, we will conduct cosmetic and functional try-ins. This is when you will be able to see how your new smile will look. Your new teeth will be mounted on a wax mock-up and we will check their colour and shape together. This way there are no surprises. You get to see and approve your smile before the final dentures are made.

5. Finally, we will fit your new dentures.

We'll check several aspects, including how they affect your speech. Don't worry: your tongue will quickly adapt to its new space and in only a few days, your pronunciation will be back to normal. Your denturist will give you a few tips specific to your case and detailed information on how to use and care for your dentures, which will soon become a part of yourself.

Note that two weeks after your fitting, we will need to meet again to check how you are adapting and to assess the contacts between the teeth.

All of these appointments are absolutely necessary to make your precision dentures. But given that we have our own laboratory at the clinic, we can complete the different steps quickly while still ensuring the quality of our work. Depending on your schedule and needs, we can carry out all of these steps in a very short timeframe.


In the days and weeks after getting your new dentures, they will gradually settle in and “sink” into the soft tissue of your gums. The shape of your gums will change slightly (especially if you recently had teeth extracted), which can cause sometimes painful pressure or friction points. Don't worry, this is normal and not a defect. But don't just suffer through the pain. And definitely don't try to solve the problem yourself by filing down your dentures with sandpaper or a nail file! You risk making it worse. Don't forget that your dentures are balanced and extremely precise.

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort, contact us immediately We will be happy to make any adjustments necessary at no charge.

Don't forget that in addition to being partners in your smile, we also care about your comfort!

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